Horsing around for the harvest



Pierre Capponi with his corrugated clydesdales. Pierre Capponi with his corrugated clydesdales.

TOODYAY artist Pierre Capponi has spent the past three weeks making tin horses for an upcoming harvest festival.

The corrugated clydesdales will be placed in paddocks from Midland to Northam to help direct visitors to the site.

Mr Capponi said he had finished making 17 of the creations, all cut from recycled tin, after being approached by festival organiser Karen Ducat.

“In my own practice I work purely with recycled materials including pressed tin, so it fits. I had to do a bit of research but it is just a question of laying the stencils and cutting them out,” he said.

The artist has devoted nearly two days a week to the project and said he hoped to complete 40 horses in the coming weeks.

“We hope to put the horses in fields along the way so people can use them as directions, and we hope to have some illuminated at night,” he said.

The harvest festival will be held in Southern Brook in May. For details, call 9622 3886.

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