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Bikie gangs interest



RESIDENTS are encouraged to continue providing anonymous information to police on outlaw motorcycle gangs, after revelations a new gang was aiming to establish a foothold in Perth.

Since June, calls during the Phone in a Bikie Day campaign helped police prosecute 69 known outlaw motorcycle gang members or associates.

Of 189 charges laid, 43 were for dealing in illicit drugs and drugs valued at about $11 million was taken off the streets.

The new gang was also identified as trying to establish a chapter in Perth.

A police spokesman said the group, known as Rock Machine, originated in Canada in the 1990s and had been linked to more than 150 murders in a bloody turf war with the Hells Angels.

A national run by the Rock Machine in Perth was expected over a recent weekend, with police ready to monitor the gang activity.

Police urge people to call Crime Stoppers, anonymously if preferred, on 1800 333 000 with any information regarding outlaw motorcycle gangs.

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